• High Quality Products, with a Focus on Superior Customer Service
  • Expert Technical Product Support to Provide Solutions
  • Pressure Protection - Safety Relief Valves, Rupture Disc, Pressure/Vacuum Vents
  • Control Valves, Steam Regulator, Steam Traps
  • Instrumentation - Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature, E-Chem, PH
  • Sizing Software Capabilities to size Relief Valves, Control Valves, Steam Regulators & Flow Meters
  • Multiple ASME National Board Valve Shops for Valve Repair, Valve Assembly & Valve Automation 
  • Test-in-Place Services for Safety Relief Valves
  • Field Service Trailers for On-Site Work & Shut-Downs
  • Field Service Explosion Protection Start Up and Maintenance

Since 1936 Mec-Tric Control Company has been in the business of helping customers find solutions for the challenges faced daily in many businesses including factories and production lines.  Our staff offers exemplary customer service. We understand that in the process/production industry, end users require products and solutions in a timely manner.

Mec-Tric services include Sales Engineers with years of knowledge in the industry. Oftentimes our customers inquire about the best way to handle a problem that may arise at their plant, our people advise and consult on products providing solutions.  Our Inside Technical Sales Team is involved in advising on pressure protection products and instruments as well as many other products.  We use many technical software programs which allows us to size safety relief valves, pressure regulator valves, control valves and locate best placement for flow instruments. We also offer explosion protection design for systems, consulting, and explosion vent sizing.

Our ASME National Board Certified Valve Shop is involved in safety relief valve assembly as well as repair. We repair many different types of valves considering our years of experience.  Control valves are also a predominant part of our repair business.  Our repairs are consistently performed with the highest degree of integrity with minimal parts usage.

Onsite valve service and infield testing is available. We work with many customers during plant shutdowns and put in the required hours to test valves so our customers are allowed to get their facility back on line as soon as possible.

The Mec-Tric Explosion Protection Field Service Team works extended hours to make sure your explosion protection systems are operating correctly.  We cover the greater southeastern part of the United States. Our technicians bring years of experience in alarm systems and explosion protection service.