Onsite Repair and Testing

In Field Mobile Valve Repair and Testing

Mec-Tric Control Company is pleased to announce the recent addition of our mobile valve repair and testing vehicle. We are aware that some of our longstanding customers request on site repair and testing and have developed a platform to accommodate these requests. Our vehicle contains sand blasting equipment, lathe, valve test J tube, nitrogen tanks, compressors, lighting and other tools to provide onsite testing of your SRV’s and other valves/vents.

We offer field repair on most valves as well as AVK test in place services to accommodate testing on difficult to remove large SRV’s.  We bring over 50 years of valve repair experience to our customers. Our valve repair technicians provide service with top notch integrity with minimal part replacement.  We also offer consultative services regarding best practices relating to ASME and National Board recommendations.

Please inquire on how we can offer solutions to your valve repair needs.