New Products

Protego Pressure/Vacuum Vents

Mec-Tric Control Co is pleased to be the new representative for Protego for all of your pressure/vacuum vent, flame & detonation arrester, and tank blanketing needs.

Dyna-flo Control Valves 

The new Model DF400 is a heavy-duty eccentric plug control valve (sometimes referred to as a rotary globe valve) combined with a powerful spring-and-diaphragm actuator. This valve actuator combo is used in all kinds of demanding applications, including oil and gas production, chemical process industries and severe service environments.

Steriflow Sanitary Relief Valves

The SSRV Sanitary Safety Relief Valve is designed to relieve over-pressure upset in hygienic and aseptic process and clean utility systems. The SSRV is designed to be manually set to open at a predetermined pressure to protect pressure vessels and other equipment from being subjected to pressures that exceed their design limits.